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Will King Charles Become “King Climate Change?”

The environmental left has successfully infiltrated the newsrooms, the schools, Hollywood, the Vatican, the White House and now apparently the British monarchy.

Historian Jenny Hocking says that Charles “makes no bones about” being more political on issues ranging from architecture to the environment.  She told the Daily Express:  “Many people have been disturbed by the way in which Charles, far more overtly than the Queen, has engaged in political matters.”

Charles has long been known as “an environmentalist king-in-waiting.”

At the COP26 climate conference last year in Scotland, then-Prince Charles warned world leaders that they must adopt a “war-like footing” to deal with climate change.  Then last May in Canada, Charles warned that  time was “rapidly running out” to deal with climate change. He urged leaders “to address this challenge by working alongside indigenous knowledge-keepers to restore harmony with nature.”

The British monarchy has always been a tool of soft power, both inside and outside Britain.  We can only hope that King Charles, after decades in the wings, won’t seize the temptation to parade whatever “woke” views he has before the public.  The stability of the monarch, which Elizabeth so enhanced, could easily be jeopardized.

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