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Will Michigan Democrats Take Away Workers’ Right To Choose?

We are not talking about abortion. We’re talking about a bill in the Michigan House that will be voted on this week to repeal the state’s Right to Work (RTW) law.

Every Democrat is expected to vote FOR the bill, which would force workers to join a union and pay dues to labor bosses AGAINST their will, or else they would lose their job.

Right to work is the law of the land in 26 states. These laws do NOT prohibit unions. There are many unions in RTW states. Right to work simply means that workers cannot be compelled to join a union.

This bill would not only take away from Michigan workers this basic right, but it would also do great damage to the state’s economy. States that have RTW laws create jobs at nearly twice the pace of states with forced union policies.

If this bill passes the House and Senate, Governor Gretchen Whitmer – a stooge of the unions – will sign it into law.

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