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Winning on School Choice Isn’t Quite So Easy in the Big Easy

Our spies on the ground — the leftists aren’t the only ones with sophisticated surveillance systems — have alerted us that school choice may have hit a snag in Louisiana. Things looked good down in The Bayou about a week ago when an education savings account bill (ESAs) sailed through the House – with six Democratic votes.

But now Cameron Henry, the powerful Republican Senate President, is raising red flag objections.

One source tells us that Henry complains this is all happening too fast and that he wants to proceed with “caution.”

Too fast?  This choice model should have been instituted years ago. Louisiana has some of the poorest performing public schools in the nation and black children are the biggest victims. We’d say there isn’t a minute to lose.

School choice isn’t some kind of untested experiment. We have years of evidence from Milwaukee, DC, Chicago, New York, and others that parental choice raises performance and student/parent satisfaction.

We laughed when we heard one rationale for a “go slow” approach. Henry warns, “Once you get one of these [choice] programs started, they’re hard to stop.”

Exactly. Full speed ahead, Senator.

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