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Yes, The Elitists At Davos Are Acting Like “Extraterrestrials”

The Davos World Economic Forum started out decades with the professed goal of making capitalism more socially responsible. Sadly, it has now degenerated into a platform solely for ideas that are either crackpot or dangerous.

During COVID, it was a leading supporter of every crippling lockdown of society. Last year, it proposed slashing ownership of private vehicles around the world. That was followed up by a scheme to have people eat insects instead of red meat.

This year’s Davos meeting, the first held in person in three years, is even wackier. United Nations chief António Guterres used his time to slam fossil fuels companies for having a “business model (that) is inconsistent with human survival.”

John Kerry, who flew into Davos along with dozens of others on private jets, hailed his fellow attendees as “extraterrestrial” in their undying devotion to saving the Earth.

Al Gore, Kerry’s old pal in the Senate, followed him with a patented rant warning the world would soon race a catastrophe of “boiling oceans”, “rain bombs” and climate refugees.

Richard Edelman, CEO of the global communications firm Edelman, lamented that “right-wing groups have done a really good job of disenfranchising” liberal NGO’s like Davos.” They’ve challenged the funding sources. They’ve associated you with Bill Gates and George Soros. They’ve said that you’re world people, as opposed to actually what you are, which is local.” Sounds like the critics have got it just about right.

New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger told the audience that “disinformation” is the “most existential” problem the world is facing today. He urged social media platforms “to do an unpopular and brave thing … to differentiate and elevate pre-approved trustworthy sources of information consistently.” Other panelists

Wait!  Let’s get this straight: The New York Times is complaining about disinformation.

Jill Abramson, who used to work for Sulzberger as the editor of the New York Times, wasn’t impressed. She tweeted that the close alliance between the New York Times and Davos was a “corrupt circle-jerk” between media and business.

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