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Lockdowns Are Making A Comeback Across the Globe

Speaking of lockdown madness, remember when 18 months ago we were told most of the lockdown measures were temporary in order to “flatten the curve” and ensure intensive care capacity wasn’t overwhelmed?

Well, eighteen months later…here they come again.

Austria has decided to lockdown again and is restricting the unvaccinated, with police enforcement:

Then there is Ireland, which has a 93% vaccination rate. It went in the opposite direction of countries like Sweden and Denmark and had one of the harshest and longest lockdowns in the West. It only recently eased up, while requiring vaccine passports.

Irish public health authorities are now reacting to an uptick of COVID cases by bringing back lockdown measures.  The country’s chief health officer Tony Holohan, told Irish radio this week:

Other measures are being imposed including a midnight closing time for bars and forcing household contacts of COVID-exposed people to restrict their movements for five days. Government officials admit it “remains to be seen if the measures will be sufficient” and that they are “not ruling out further measures!”

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