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Biden Administration Wants to Overturn Worker Election that Rejected Unions

You may recall that back in April, 71% of workers at an Amazon’s facility in Alabama rejected an effort to force them to unionize.

Now the Biden-appointees on the National Labor Relations Board won’t take no for an answer, and are seeking to throw out the election and call for a new vote because Amazon officials allegedly “improperly” interfered in the election process. It’s like a football team that loses 63-0 blaming a bad referee call.

Some 85% of Amazon’s workers in Alabama are African-American. The majority are women. Union allies in the media portrayed the warehouse as a Dickensian sweatshop.

But workers said they liked the company and the pay and they didn’t want union dues snatched from their paychecks.

The Biden NLRB members were chosen because of their fealty to union bosses, so we guess they will keep calling for elections at the Alabama facility until the workers get it right.

Shockingly, we haven’t heard many voices on the left denouncing this attempt to overturn a fair and open election.

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