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How to Get Tax Cuts Before Labor Day

Policy and Government

In the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin pens a eulogy for supply-siders… reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

 The Larry Kudlow Show discusses the CBO’s battle with Mulvaney on 3 percent economic growth.

At Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says the drop in retail sales is concerning.

From Politico, Nancy Cook and Andrew Restuccia discuss the White House’s trade ninja Peter Navarro


At, Brian Domitrovic reminds us of the gold standard’s superb intellectual pedigree.

FiveThirtyEight believes the Fed is about to get Trumpier.


At Investor’s Business Daily, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity tells us how to get tax cuts before labor day.


On CNN, Stephen Moore explains why the Cruz amendment is smart policy.

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