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How Trump Can Turn Economic Debacle to Miracle: Go for Gold

Policy and Government

Timothy Meads at Townhall picks three books to better understand the world leading off with supply-side giant George Gilder’s Life After Google as “the book to understand what the technology of the future looks like, and how you can take advantage of it today. Gilder brilliantly explains how the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will free us all from the tyranny” …  calling it a “must read” book.

Richard M. Reinsch, II, at National Affairs, challenges the critics of capitalism both left and right (calling out economic nationalist Oren Cass) with a gritty Schumpeterian analysis of the nature of progress, 


At Newsmax, Ralph Benko explains how Trump can restore a high integrity dollar, part 2.

From Newsmax, Supply Side Blog editor in chief and Capitalist League chairman Ralph Benko explains How Trump Can Turn Economic Debacle to Miracle: Go for Gold, part 3


Amity Shlaes debunks the “Great” Society.


In The Federalist, Chris Jacobs says it shouldn’t take a crisis like the coronavirus to deregulate health care.


World Bank President David Malpass calls on G-20 nations to suspend debt repayments from the poorest countries.

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