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Investor’s Business Daily covers the Democrats’ pivot towards socialism.

Policy and Government

Investor’s Business Daily covers the Democrats’ pivot towards socialism.

In the National Pulse, Jon Decker gives updates on 4 major economic stories.

President Trump rattles markets with trade talk.

The Washington Post takes a deep dive into the House Leadership situation.

Reason says we need immigrants now more than ever.


The European Council on Foreign Relations in The Omnipotent Dollar: US Sanctions and the Euro Problem observes: Why can America, in contravention of international law and agreements with transatlantic friends, so easily destroy European companies if it wants to? The answer is simple: because the world economy revolves around the dollar. According to the Bank for International Settlements, in 2016, 88 percent of global financial transactions were made in dollars.  As the world’s reserve currency, the dollar is hard-wired to the global economy.

Jay Smith at The UK Standard covering Consensus (“The bitcoin Davos”) lays out a useful taxonomy: the seven different kinds of cryptocurrency.

Sebastian Edwards at Bloomberg, the first of four excerpts from “American Default,” The Untold Story of FDR and the Battle Over Gold.


Dan Mitchell discusses entrepreneurship and taxation.

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