Is Ken Buck The Most Dangerous Republican In Congress?

Now she has an improbable ally in the House: Rep. Ken Buck from Colorado – the ranking REPUBLICAN on the Judiciary Committee panel on antitrust.

His bill is the kissing cousin of Klobuchar’s. They both would limit mergers, increase penalties for supposed price gougers, enrich thousands of lawyers as they sue businesses, and put American tech superiority in danger as China maneuvers to take over these industries.

The Buck bill would even for the first time allow private companies to bring lawsuits against rival firms they claim are engaged in monopolistic behavior.

Other than that, it’s a good bill.

Buck wants to punish big tech for censoring conservative voices, but the good news is we now have crusaders like Elon Musk taking private sector steps to clean up Twitter and other Silicon Valley firms bias against conservatives.

The Klobuchar-Buck bill would only empower Biden regulators – like new FTC chair Lina Khan – to harass companies. She wants to use the sword of antitrust to force companies to comply with woke environmental and social justice mandates.

Buck has even pleaded with the left to keep quiet their sinister intentions. “When Khan talks about using antitrust for climate change, labor issues and racial issues,” Buck complains, “I’ve got a lot of explaining to do on my side.”

Yes, you do, congressman. Just who’s side are you on?

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