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Is Ted Cruz in the ‘Klein Cycle’?

Ted_Cruz-300x200Politics and Government

In the WSJ, Laura Kusisto reports more young people are living with their parents now than during the recession.

At Real Clear Politics, Rich Lowry casts Trump as New Hickory.

In the WSJ, Eric Morath explains why it matters that new businesses are creating jobs slower than a decade ago.

Newser reports that last year police took in more loot via civil asset forfeiture than did burglars.


Ralph Benko at ThePulse2016, Ted Cruz in the ‘Klein Cycle’.

Janet Yellen defends the Fed’s low rate policies.

In The Hill, Ralph Benko on the phalanx of house chairmen confronting the Fed Chair.


At Investor’s Business Daily, Art Laffer and Steve Moore explain why Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have the best tax plans.


The NY Post believes Obamacare is imploding even without repeal.

In the NY Post, Betsy McCaughey asks if a taxpayer bailout for health insurers is on the table.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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