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Policy and Government                

At Marketplace, Janet Yellen and David Malpass discuss consumer debt, coronavirus, and other challenges for global economic growth.

At Newsmax, Stephen Moore says the biggest factor holding down U.S. economic growth is slow global growth.

In The Hill, Alfredo Ortiz says the state of small business is strong.

At AIER, Donald J. Boudreaux reminds us that creativity is what drives markets.

Editor of the Supply-Side Blog and chairman of The Capitalist League Ralph Benko, writing in The Transpartisan Review in Godzilla vs. King Kong Trump vs. The Left’s Leviathan,  concludes that Donald Trump, although a Hobbesian figure, is indeed an existential threat but to the enemies of our classical liberal republican order rather than to the order itself.

AND in Newsmax, Yes, There’s a Method to Bernie’s Madness, he concludes “What can we, intrepid capitalists, adversaries of socialism in all its guises, learn from Friedrich Hayek’s prophetic advice which anticipated Sen. Sanders’s amazing success? Many, especially the intelligentsia and the youth, need us to excite their imaginations, speak to their aspirations, appeal to their appetite for intellectual adventure and deeds of courage.”

FEE presents Super Bowl economic facts.


Fox News reports the White House is working on Tax Cut 2.0.