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Jobs Everywhere And Not A Worker To Be Found

Unleash Prosperity Hotline – Weekend Edition
Issue #285
05/14/2021, 05/15/2021, 05/16/2021
1) Jobs Everywhere And Not A Worker To Be Found

Joe Biden and his White House minions are sticking with their laughable spin that the $300 a week extra unemployment benefits had “no measurable” impact on workers seeking jobs.

But the latest Labor Department numbers reporting an all-time record of 8.1 million unfilled jobs in America puts the lie to this narrative. Lots of new jobs would normally be a good problem, except that the nine million unemployed Americans aren’t showing much interest in filling all these jobs. We count at least six major industries with huge job openings, but FEWER Americans taking these jobs. 

According to the DOL analysis: “Labor demand is particularly strong in certain industries. Openings in loading and stocking jobs at warehouses were up more than 60% in late April. Construction jobs were up a similar amount, reflecting strong demand for new-home construction. Manufacturing jobs were up 65%, reflecting strong demand for goods such as vehicles and appliances.”

How is it that industries with high demand for workers, LOST workers? The Biden administration posits that people are still “fearful” of going back to work.

Do they really think people were more afraid of coronavirus in April than they were in March – even though tens of millions more Americans got vaccinated over that period?

Come on, Joe!

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