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John Catsimatidis and Bernie Marcus explain why building a great business is patriotic.

Policy and Government

In the WSJ, Bernie Marcus and John Catsimatidis explain why building a great business is patriotic.

The Washington Post reports the inversion of the yield curve which often presages a recession within 18-24 months.  Markets tumble.

Steve Forbes talks with the ‘rational optimist’ Matt Ridley.

In the Washington Examiner, Tim Worstall says Rick Scott revealed the folly of Trump’s trade war.

*War for the Dollar*

The Economist writes about the consequences of the breakdown of the world monetary order. “The context for America’s economic showdown with China is a system that worked once but no longer does.”

Victoria Guida at Politico suggests that the Fed is leaning more leftish than dovish.

Scott Sumner at Seeking Alpha ponders Greg Ip’s speculation (reversing previous stubborn opposition to the gold standard and drawing an intriguing link from David Beckworth) that we could return to the gold standard to defeat “lowflation” at $3,000/oz but prefers targeting CPI futures.  Sumner: “It turns out that this is a very interesting and very confusing issue. But hey, it’s monetary policy, what else do you expect?”

Photo Credit: Massimo Catarinella

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