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John Mueller says America has entered a ‘Jacques Rueff’ moment.

Policy and Government

The Economist reports on the 90% economy post lockdown:

In many things 90% is just fine; in an economy it is miserable, and China shows why. The country started to end its lockdown in February. Factories are busy and the streets are no longer empty. The result is the 90% economy. It is better than a severe lockdown, but it is far from normal. The missing bits include large chunks of everyday life. Rides on the metro and on domestic flights are down by a third. Discretionary consumer spending, on such things as restaurants, has fallen by 40% and hotel stays are a third of normal. People are weighed down by financial hardship and the fear of a second wave of covid-19. Bankruptcies are rising and unemployment, one broker has said, is three times the official level, at around 20%.


In the NY Sun, John Mueller says America has entered a Jacques Rueff moment.


In the Washington Times, Lewis Uhler and Peter Ferrara endorse a payroll tax cut.


In the Daily Caller, John Tamny says deficits don’t matter — spending does.

At Newsmax, Ralph Benko says we should restore prosperity with a balanced budget amendment.


From Issues & Insights, Bill Collier and Jon Decker explain why coronavirus has Americans rethinking plastic.

CEI releases its #NeverNeeded regulation report.

At Fox Business, Grover Norquist says coronavirus shows us why net neutrality was a mistake.

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