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John Tamny: It is critical to understand the similarities between Carter and G.W. Bush.

Policy and Government
Larry Kudlow: The economy is fundamentally sound.
In the Daily Signal, Steve Forbes says to promote human flourishing, we must increase economic freedom.

In the WSJ, James Freeman reports stocks just got cheaper.
In the NY Post, John Crudele writes DC’s plunge protection team may have stepped up during yesterday’s crash.
From Reason, Veronique de Rugy warns NAFTA withdrawal would undermine tax cuts.
In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn discusses the differences between Norway and Venezuela.
On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says it is critical that Trump understands the similarities between Carter and G.W. Bush.
From G Coin, Ralph Benko covers the launch of a gold/blockchain platform.
MarketWatch reports investors are paying for the Feds experiment.
At FEE, Dan Mitchell writes a flat tax could revive Italy’s economy.
At, Sally Pipes asks if Obamacare has turned Uncle Sam into a drug dealer.

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