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Policy and Government

John Tamny: Larry Kudlow brings rationality to the absurd economics s profession.

Catie Perry covers the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s New York economic summit.

Young adults are living at home in numbers not seen since the Great Depression.

Max Roser gives us reason for optimism with 5 charts showing the history of global living conditions.


At The Pulse, Ralph Benko assesses Paul Krugman’s tweeted claim that “The Trump Economic Team Is Shaping up as a Gathering of Gold Bugs”.

Steve Forbes eviscerates India over its demonetization policies.

In the WSJ, Mary Anastasia O’Grady calls Maduro “The Dictator Who Stole Christmas” due to Venezuela’s hyperinflation woes.

In FT, Richard Clarida believes the Fed has a nasty interest rate dilemma on its hands in 2017.


Arthur Laffer says Trump’s tax proposal is terrific.


The WSJ says Obama’s “permanent” ban on Atlantic/Artic oil drilling is anything but.


China looks to expand free trade, resume talks with Norway.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore