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Policy and Government

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny mocks Marco Rubio’s hubris in thinking capitalism should be planned by politicians like him.

Steve Forbes tells us how to get ahead.

George Gilder, at his Daily Prophecy, observes that Politicians are Wreaking Havoc on the US Economy:

For two decades, China has oriented its entire technology sector toward the United States, relying throughout its infrastructure on US chip designs, software architectures, networking protocols and other industry standards.

Under that regime, US companies Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have ascended in ten years to become the world’s four most valuable enterprises. US chip producers such as Intel, Broadcom, and Texas Instruments have flourished. Applied Materials and other US producers of chip manufacturing gear have expanded their markets. US-China trade has spearheaded the global economy.

That’s apparently now over.

In what will be seen as one of history’s most self-destructive technology regimes, United States policy has now persuaded China to bar all foreign computer equipment and software from its governmental facilities within the next three years. According to estimates in the Financial Times, the first phase will entail swapping out 20-30 million pieces of hardware. With the influence of Chinese government policy on its private firms, the long-term shrinkage of US technology business potential is incalculable.


On Real Clear Markets, Jeffrey Snider laments that more QE is coming.


In the Daily Signal, Adam Michel says the trade war is hiding the success of Trump’s tax cuts.


On Fox News, Steve Forbes slams Pelosi’s socialist drug price controls.


Ozy reports corruption is slowing India’s economy.