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US_House_CommitteePolicy and Government

From Real Clear Markets, John Tamny says the New York Times was blind on what’s really holding our economy back: Big Government.

From MarketWatch, Gregg Robb reports U.S. productivity declined for the third straight quarter.

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn explains why capitalist countries are prosperous.

From Business Insider, Bob Bryan gives a breakdown of American debt.

The WSJ writes Donald Trump has great instincts on regulation and taxes, but his trade policy is a job-killer. The New York Post concurs.

Dan Mitchell discusses the weakest economy since the Great Depression.


Fed Governor Jerome Powell is worried about secular stagnation.


At MarketWatch, Bill Bischoff compares Donald Trump’s new tax plan with Hillary Clinton’s.


At, Norbert Michel says ‘The Big Short’ is a great movie, but not a policy prescription.