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John Tamny takes John Cochrane to the woodshed for his gold standard bashing.

Policy and Government

In the American Spectator, Veronique de Rugy says new metrics can tell us how hot the job market really is.

Art Carden at AIER reminds us how “The data give lie to the ‘rich get richer, poor get poorer’ trope.”


John Tamny, at, takes John (the Grumpy Economist) Cochrane to the woodshed for ignorant, peer-approval-seeking, intellectually-dishonest gold standard bashing….

Jim Grant, at Barron’s, reflects on the Big Flaw in Ph.D-economics and the simple virtues of the gold standard.

At AIER, Jeffrey A. Tucker reprises Judy Shelton’s comments on currency competition.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore discusses Washington DC’s fear of cryptocurrency.


In the Washington Examiner, Casey Given says don’t listen to conservatives calling for more regulations on Big Tech.

On Fox Business, Dan Mitchell slams Elizabeth Warren’s plan to crackdown on capital markets.

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