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John Tamny tells us a horror story about government spending.

Policy and Government

IBD: Global growth fears.

CNBC: February jobs report disappoints.

The Washington Post reports that a one-month dramatic fall in job growth, to 20,000 from expectation of 180,000, does not necessarily point to a recession.

FEE: Tariffs cost Americans $19 billion in 2018.

UC Berkeley professor Brad Delong, neoliberal (and yet gold standard denier) takes to twitter to capitulate to the further left, proclaiming: “Having failed to Republican coalition partners, we failed to energize our own base, and we failed to produce enough large-scale obvious policy wins to cement the center into a durable governing coalition. We blame cynical Republican politicians. We blame corrupt and craven media bosses and princelings. We are right to blame them, but shared responsibility is not diminished responsibility. And so the baton rightly passes to our colleagues on our left. We are still here, but it is not our time to lead.”


On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny tells us a horror story about government spending.


CNBC: Elizabeth Warren calls for breaking up Big Tech.

From Reason, Veronique de Rugy explains why rent control won’t escape supply and demand.

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