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Jon Decker: The Q2 GDP report underscores the need for tax cuts.

Policy and Government

On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek explains why an open door to immigrants is an open door to wealth.

In The Federalist, Phil Kerpen says President Trump should end Congress’s Obamacare bailout.


In the National Pulse, Jon Decker believes the Q2 GDP report underscores the need for tax cuts.


At, Jeffrey Dorfman slams the mortgage-interest deduction.

The WSJ warns of the upcoming Obamacare bailout.


From Investor’s Business Daily, Daniel Press explains how Glass-Steagall held back main street banks.


The American Conservative features the unveiling in Moscow of a statue of two great supply-siders, Reagan and Gorbachev, an event covered by all Russian TV channels, the BBC, and the VOA with a statement by Gorbachev calling for “a dialogue based on mutual respect.”

Photo credit: Ken Teegardin via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

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