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Jon Decker: Trump’s team is the New England Patriots of Deregulation. 

Policy and Government

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn warns crony capitalism disrupts the free market.

From Newsmax, Larry Kudlow explains why Democrats’ plan for government-run healthcare would be a disaster.

Investor’s Business Daily writes Democrat’s ‘better deal’ isn’t new, and it isn’t better.

In The Hill, Diana Furchtgott-Roth slams the goofy CBO scores on health care.

FT writes the biggest threat to global growth are policy mistakes in trade.


From IMF, Maurice Obstfeld discusses the two trilemmas of monetary policy.

From Bloomberg, Lananh Nguyen and Robert Fullem report protection against a dollar plunge is the costliest since 2009.


In the National Pulse, Jon Decker says Trump’s team is the New England Patriots of Deregulation.

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