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Judy Shelton asks what happens if that “big, fat, juicy bubble” bursts?

7632653238_c9436bb80d_qPolicy and Government

In the Washington Post, Jim Tankersley covers the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s praise of Trump and Cruz’s tax plans, and our denouncement of tariffs.

In The Pulse, Ralph Benko says Ted Cruz hit a grand slam on growth with his flat tax plan and call for good money.

In the Daily Caller, Peter Ferrara reports electronic payments are boosting jobs.


In The Hill, Judy Shelton asks what happens if that “big, fat, juicy bubble” bursts?

In FT, Claire Jones writes negative rates for pushing central banks to take greater risks.

At Bloomberg, Simon Kennedy says negative rates have turned the global economy upside down.

Kemal Dervis tells us how to get past slow growth.

From Business Insider, Tony Sagami believes near-zero interest rates are all about keeping our debt from exploding.

At Barron’s, Alan Rechtshaffen explains how the Fed is fighting a zombie economy with easy money.

At Newsmax, John Mauldin says the Fed took money from the poor and gave it to the rich.


ATR chronicles 103 years of the income tax.


In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn says the coal industry must fight or die.

At AP, Tom Murphy reports UnitedHealth will stop participating in almost all of the Obamacare exchanges due to losses.

Photo Credit: Martin Thomas

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