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Judy Shelton: The Fed shouldn’t be driving the economy.

Politics and Government

From, Tim Worstall disagrees with’s criticism of Trump DOL nominee Andy Puzder.

Erick Erickson reports that the real reason that the left is freaked out by the selection of Scott Pruitt for EPA is that it will end corporate shakedowns that have siphoned $880 million over the past two years to left wing environmental groups.

Larry Kudlow encourages bi-partisanship to get the economy roaring again.

Stephen MacLean says big-government led to “Brexit-Trump Syndrome.”

From, Tim Worstall celebrates the fact that U.S. household wealth is at a record-high $90 trillion.

John Tamny: the New York Times admits the hunger games is about Washington, D.C.

In the Washington Examiner, W. James Antle III says Andy Puzder is the anti-Trump on immigration.

Stephen Malanga says we need more than economic threats to Make America Great Again.


Judy Shelton: The Fed shouldn’t be driving the economy.

In the NY Times, Landon Thomas Jr. warns the surging dollar is scaring emerging markets.

At FT, Claire Jones asks ‘is Draghi tapering?’

John Cochrane discusses the Fed’s balance sheet.


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