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Kotlikoff: Did the Supreme Court just kill thousands of small businesses?

Policy and Government

Arthur Laffer: Economic growth is a winning message!

On Fox News, John Tamny says robots will enhance your job.

In the Washington Examiner, Steve Cortes says Trump is unleashing prosperity and optimism not seen since the 90s.

America’s vulnerability in a trade war.


Hugo Salinas writes at Plata about how the reserve currency status of the dollar — the Triffin Dilemma — is what is really driving the trade deficit.

Inflation & Tomato soup.


At, Laurence Kotlikoff wonders if the Supreme Court just killed thousands of small businesses.

Investor’s Business Daily criticizes the Supreme Court’s Internet sales tax decision.


The Weekly Standard warns we will all be concerned about entitlements in 8 years.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny explains why government spending, not deficits, is the problem.

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