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19779944785_aaed3f63fe_oPolicy and Government

Watch the Cato Institute’s live panel on Immigration Economics.

At Bloomberg, Paula Dwyer explains how NAFTA benefitted the U.S. and Mexico.

From, John Tamny attacks Robert Shiller’s remarks on income inequality.


In the WSJ, James Freeman says investors are hoping that central bankers have achieved a wisdom that eluded policymakers for 5,000 years.

At, Nathan Lewis asks if the gold guys are ready for prime time.

At Bloomberg, Sid Verma warns the Fed may be crashing the emerging markets’ party.


At Newsmax, Lance Roberts says the surging federal deficit is a bad sign for economic growth.


In USA Today, Jayne O’Donnell and Tony Leys report Obamacare’s premium hikes are rattling consumers.

Photo Credit: Gilbert Mercier