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Land of the Unfree

Unleash Prosperity Hotline 
Issue #181
1) Land of the Unfree

Here is the latest list of states that have “entirely” or “mostly” shutdown their economies. We are offering a free lifetime subscription to the Hotline for anyone who can tell us what these 10 states have in common. Start playing the Jeopardy music, please. 

States that Have Shuttered Businesses
– New York
– Pennsylvania
– New Mexico
– California
– Oregon
– Washington
– Minnesota
– Illinois
– Michigan
– Rhode Island

2) Lockdowns Are the Great Unequalizer

And speaking of lockdowns, will someone please tell Dem politicians that no single act in modern times has widened the gap between rich and poor more than the closures of our economy?  You don’t have to take our word for it:

Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the leftist National Low Income Housing Coalition says: “The majority of the up to 17 million households at risk of losing their homes this winter are people of color.”  

Politico reports that minorities and the poor “have been more vulnerable to job and income losses from the ensuing economic crisis, in large part because Black and Latino workers are over-represented in the service industries wiped out by shutdowns.”

James Parrott a left-of-center economist at the New York City New School says that what we are experiencing is “the most lopsided economic event imaginable.”

For once, liberals are spot on. Yes, what is going on in America today is crushing the little guy. As Arthur Laffer, Walter Williams, Milton Friedman and so many other great economists have always said: the poor and minorities are the first victims of anti-growth and boneheaded public policies.  

So why is the left all in on lockdowns? Could it be that they are really about power not helping the poor?

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