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Larry Kudlow discusses the Fed’s Jackson Hole meeting.

10186746913_8d5cf28c21_qPolicy and Government

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore bashes Hillary Clinton’s faulty economic plan.

Dan Mitchell gives us another grim reminder that Obamacare made healthcare less affordable.

At Huffington Post, David Dayen gives one problem with TPP that has escaped notice: Bureaucratic tribunals.


Larry Kudlow discusses the Fed’s Jackson Hole meeting.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny attacks the War on Cash.

In the WSJ, Jon Hilsenrath and Harriet Torry say the Fed’s dislike of negative interest rates shows us the extent of potential monetary stimulus.

The Economist says if India’s economy succeeds, America should consider NGDP targeting.


In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn explains why the capital gains tax is a loser for our economy.

Photo Credit: Gene E. Phillips

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