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Larry Kudlow discusses the recent dip in stocks, advises “don’t get too bearish right now.”

larry kudlow newPolitics and Government

At Newsmax, Larry Kudlow discusses the recent dip in stocks, “advises don’t to get too bearish right now.”

In the WSJ, Paul Ryan and Tim Scott discuss the cure for the failed war on poverty.

At CNN, Jim Acosta and Kristen Holmes report President Obama vetoed the Obamacare Repeal bill.

At, Ralph Benko reveals the secret behind Donald Trump’s appeal.

In the Washington Post, Gene Weingarten goes behind enemy lines and meets Ralph Benko “the second most conservative man in the world.”

From, Brian Domitrovic writes George H.W. Bush ruined bipartisanship.


In the NY Times, Landon Thomas Jr. warns currency devaluations in asian markets could hinder growth.

At FX Street, Barbara Rockefeller says China is too easy to blame, central bankers need to step it up.

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