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Larry Kudlow: Focus on the economy, not the stock market.

Policy and Government

On CNBC, Larry Kudlow tells President Trump to focus on the economy, not the stock market.

Larry Kudlow to speak at Seton Hall University on JFK Tax Cuts.

On Real Clear Markets, John Tamny praises President Trump’s stock market obsession.

In The Hill, Curtis Ellis credits President Trump for rising wage growth.

At City-Journal, Amity Shlaes discusses economic growth and income inequality.


At Reuters, Hyunjoo Jin and Tetsushi Kajimoto report Asia is biting its tongue on Trump’s weak dollar.

At Goldseek, JP Koning makes the case for restoring the gold standard.


In The Hill, Max Greenwood reports Chipotle cited tax cuts for employee bonuses.


In the American Spectator, Steven Greenhut writes universal basic income is doomed to fail.

Photo Credit:  Mike Peel

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