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Larry Kudlow: Low inflation is a tax cut to the economy.

Policy and Government

Congratulations John Tamny! Supply-side champion to lead Freedomwork’s new Center for Economic Freedom!

From Arstechnica, Buzz Aldrin tells us how to make America great in space again.

In the Daily Caller, Thomas Phippen says the Trump administration has taken a huge step towards placing a tariff on aluminum.

At Project-Syndicate, Harold James slams protectionism.


On Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says low inflation is a tax cut to the economy.

At, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov states (counterfactually) that “Returning [to] the gold standard is impossible because the volumes of world trade are enormous, and one still needs a reserve currency.


The Exchange interviews Dr. Arthur Laffer on the prospects for tax cuts.

From Newsmax, Steve Forbes urges Congress to make tax cuts retroactive.

In the NY Sun, Larry Kudlow writes Trump can scoop Congress by indexing capital gains to inflation.

In The Hill, Alexander Bolton reports the GOP is debating tax cuts vs tax reform.


On WMAL, Stephen Moore praises the Trump budget’s SNAP reforms.


From, Tim Worstall gives examples of progressives acting as arch-conservatives.

From, Tim Worstall thinks it’s absurd that tech giants should be asked to pay for our data.


At, Tim Worstall tells us why Venezuela is failing.

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