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Larry Kudlow: President Trump triumphs in Davos.

Policy And Government
Larry Kudlow: President Trump triumphs in Davos.
In the NY Times, Stephen Moore says it’s Trump’s economy now.

In the LA Times, Michael Hiltzik covers the Q4 GDP miss.
At, Ralph Benko sings the praises of the “pleasures and treasurers” of the government shutdown.
In the Daily Signal, Bill Walton discusses John Tamny’s new book “The End of Work”.
Visual Capitalist shows us how wealth has moved over the last decade.
On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek writes America First is code for America Alone.
At, John Tamny writes last week President Trump raised taxes.
At, Steve Hanke slams Steve Mnuchin on exchange rates.
The NY Sun encourages Trump to focus on the dollar.
Liberty Law Site celebrates Jacques “The Anti-Keynes” Rueff.
From Mises, Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna presents the history of gold standards.
From, Norbert Michel discusses the fatal conceit of the government-mortgage complex.
From, Brett Swanson writes Burger King cooked up a net-neutrality whopper.
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