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Larry Kudlow says President Trump is making terrific progress in China trade talks.

Policy and Government               

On CBS News, Larry Kudlow says President Trump is making terrific progress in China trade talks.

In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore and Steve Forbes discuss how to improve trade agreements.

At Barron’s, Mary Childs discusses what Director Kudlow brings to the White House.

Brian Joondeph at American Thinker, quoting Ralph Benko, “Alinsky was an aggressively anti-communist, anti-big government, populist with a healthy contempt for liberals,” praising Donald Trump’s brilliant use of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

In The Atlantic, Matthew Stewart trenchantly outlines the problem with the toxic New Aristocracy.

From Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi describes the corruption of the Democratic Party’s establishment.

Axios reports on the movement to draft Jim Jordan to run for Speaker of the House, a call joined by TSS editor-in-chief Ralph Benko in his capacity as founder of the Prosperity Caucus. reports a study that happiness strongly correlates with lower population density.  At least in Canada. Implicitly raising the question of whether President Trump should not be concentrating his efforts on deporting people from places like New York City, Boston, Chicago, DC, and San Francisco to underpopulated places like North Dakota, Vermont, Idaho and Nebraska, rather than repatriating illegal immigrants to their native countries.

Aaron Brown at RealClearMarkets discusses the implications of the recent two-year big drop in global temperature.

The Economist reports global economic growth is slowing – but don’t worry, yet.

From Investor’s Business Daily, Peter Ferrara explains how immigrants create jobs.


At National Review, Reihan Salam writes of The Downside of the Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status and how “the so-called exorbitant privilege of supplying the world’s reserve currency is in fact an “exorbitant burden,” as veteran China-watcher Michael Pettis has argued on numerous occasions.”

The Economist discusses the dollar’s hegemonic currency status.

From, John Tamny writes Venezeula and Iran prove the Fed misunderstands inflation.

Larry White, at Alt-M, writes about The Output Gap, the Federal Budget Deficit, and the Threat of Debt Monetization.

At Project-Syndicate, Mohamed El-Erian calls for a more effective policy response to the US currency’s sudden and sharp appreciation.

At Medium, Lou Kerner reports digital assets represent a new threat to Big Tech.


John Cochrane mocks California’s solar mandate.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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