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At Politico, David Beckworth says blame the Fed for slow global growth.

The Money Trap reveals an important lesson from Brexit.

At Bloomberg, Jeff Black reports central banks are conferring on post-Brexit monetary policy.

From CNBC, Jeff Cox believes Brexit took a 2016 interest rate hike off the table.


At, Howard Gleckman details Paul Ryan’s plan for tax reform.


At, John Tamny takes supply-side economics to task for working too well.


In the OC Register, Representative Walters shows us a better way to grow our economy.

From Reason, Jared Meyer says Hillary Clinton should leave the gig economy alone.


From Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says the Brexit vote was good for economic growth, freedom, and Britain.

In the Daily Caller, Arthur Laffer says the world is moving closer to Reagan/Thatcher economics.

At, Steve Forbes says the Brexit vote is all-around bad.

At The Beacon, Kevin Dowd says he take-home message to the Brexit is that people in the UK lost confidence in a complacent and corrupt European Union (EU) elite that wouldn’t listen to them and was dragging them against their will towards ever closer integration.

Photo Credit: BackBoris2012