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Larry Kudlow: The Fed doesn’t understand the cause of inflation.

Policy and Government

From Bloomberg, Barry Ritholtz warns there is a lot of dead weight in the stock market.


On CNBC, Larry Kudlow says the Fed doesn’t understand the cause of inflation.

From, Brian Domitrovic believes the Fed anticipates tax reform.

From, Nathan Lewis details Britain’s path to a 19 percent corporate tax rate.


In Politico, Nancy Cook and Ben White cover Trump’s tax tour.


In the National Pulse, Jon Decker says the President still hasn’t played his Trump card in tackling Obamacare.

At Big League Politics, Bill Collier says Senator Kaine swung and missed defending his personal Obamacare bailout.

In the Washington Times, Richard Rahn writes socialism has yet to deliver the utopia it promises.


On Real Clear Markets, Allan Golombek explains how deregulation could help Puerto Rico.

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