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Larry Kudlow: The odds for tax reform have risen significantly.

Policy and Government

From, Ralph Benko explains why Trump nominee Scott Garrett deserves Senate confirmation as president of the Ex-Im.

From the left, John Lanchester at The New Yorker makes the case against civilization.


From, John Tamny says Jamie Dimon is right about bitcoin being a fraud, but so is the dollar gone off it’s golden rocker.


On CNBC, Larry Kudlow says the odds for tax reform have risen significantly.

The Job Creator’s Network hosts a tax cut rally in DC.

The Hill covers the Job Creator’s Network rally.

In The New Yorker, Ryan Lizza writes who knew tax reform would be so complicated.

In Townhall, Dan Celia believes changing America’s trajectory is as simple as tax reform.


In the Washington Post, Catherine Rampell writes Sanderscare is cheap politics and magic math.

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