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Larry Kudlow: Trump isn’t losing his populist message

Policy and Government                          

The Washington Post reports Larry Kudlow’s view that “Trump is instinctively drawn to [New York financial titans], but that doesn’t mean he’s losing his populist message.”

On Newsmax, Larry Kudlow says Trump’s dealmaking abilities will shine through on health care reform.

From the Washington Examiner, Grover Norquist says the only two numbers on the health care bill that matter are taxes and spending – and AHCA is a home run for both.

From, John Tamny says market logic mocks bipartisan hysteria over Russia.


At, Brian Domitrovic write a tariff exposes the nature of government better than an income tax.


In the Washington Times, Stephen Moore says Trump’s budget is a win for fiscal conservatives.

At, Tim Worstall praises Trump’s budget for eliminating the McGovern-Dole rule.


Russian central bank governor Elvira Nabiullina warns global growth is weaker than anticipated.

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