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Policy and Government

On the inimitable Bloviating Zeppelin podcast, Ralph Benko argues that voters need to make a practice out of staying in closer touch with their Members of Congress.

In Vanity Fair, Steve Mnuchin indicates the White House does not have its bearings on trade.

VisualCapitalist provides a short history of U.S. trade wars.

John Tamny at discusses riches-to-greater-riches story of Kylie Jenner.


At Libertarianism, Sebastian Edwards recalls when FDR took American’s gold.

MacroMania provides a lucid explanation of Bitcoin.


At the National Tax Limitation Committee, Lew Uhler highlights the crucial importance of the Federalist Society to the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.


Teresa May, as reported in Politico, at a joint press conference promises delivering a gold-standard in financial services cooperation.