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Lewis Lehman and John Mueller explain how we are paying a price from our currency.

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Lawrence Hamtil interviews John Tamny on his new book “Popular Economics”.

The NY Sun writes Jeb Hensarling and Kevin Brady could be counted on to move monetary matters into the policy debate as Speaker.

At, Ralph Benko says Paul Ryan, Jeb Hensarling, or Kevin Brady should succeed Speaker Boehner.

At Huffington Post, Ralph Benko asks ‘who’s up for post-paranoid politics?’


In the WSJ, Lewis Lehman and John Mueller explain how we are still paying a price from our Keynesian currency.

From MarketWatch, Greg Robb writes another downgrade for the US economy was buried in the Fed minutes.

At FT, Robin Wigglesworth says the Fed’s rate mystery is causing fear in emerging markets.


At Investor’s Business Daily, Stephen Moore asks if the really EPA needs guns, ammo, and armor to protect the environment.

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