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25502794041_976cc6197d_zPolicy and Government

Goldmach Sachs and Barclays lowered their forecasts for U.S. economic growth.

At Economics21, David Malpass discusses the market’s Brexit dip.

The WSJ reports Donald Trump’s economic speech drew condemnation for its protectionist rhetoric.

In the Washington Examiner, W. James Antle III calls Donald Trump’s speech an assault on free trade.


In Investor’s Business Daily, Lewis Uhler and Peter Ferrara say Congressman Brady’s tax reform plan would create jobs and increase productivity.

From, Stephen Moore says it’s time to form a tax alliance.


At, Norbert Michel explains why big-wig financial executives love Dodd-Frank.

In the Daily Caller, JulieGrace Brufke reports the House Ways and Means Committee slammed President Obama’s corporate inversion rule.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore