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Arthur Laffer explains how raising the minimum wage will lead to less jobs.

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At Real Clear Markets, Louis Woodhill shows how Obama’s economic recovery has been the feeblest since World War II.

In the WSJ, Ben Leubsdorf details how the recession has left lingering scars.

Arthur Laffer explains how raising the minimum wage will lead to less jobs.


Monetize the debt? Donald Trump suggests the Fed buys back treasury notes if internet rates rise to “bring down the debt.” 

Donald Trump says the US will never default on its debt because it can just “print the money.”

In the WSJ, Todd Buell reports former ECB head Jean-Claude Trichet says more guidance is needed on exchange rates.


At, Steve Moore says there is nothing mythical about the Reagan tax cuts.

Dan Mitchell explains why nations can’t tax their way into prosperity.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Eckhart

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