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Mark Sanford: America needs a new Ross Perot to tell the truth about government spending

By Mark Sanford

Excerpt from The Daily Caller:

Ross Perot’s death marks the end of an extraordinary life well-lived. I am sure that many others join me in extending thoughts and prayers to his family. I am equally struck by the fact that his death marks the passing of the last time our nation had anything close to a real conversation on debt, deficits, and government spending.

[G]overnment debt is now growing exponentially. It took 200 years to accumulate $5 trillion in national debt. It doubled under President George W. Bush from $5 to $10 trillion. It doubled again from $10 to $20 trillion under President Obama. Under Trump’s watch it’s well on its way to doubling again given his spending has exceeded even Obama’s spending.

Far too many signs point to dangers on the road ahead based on government spending and its accumulated deficits and debt. It is for that reason I indeed wish Perot was with us today. He would inevitably have a stack of charts already organized that would be worthy of our time, study, and focus. It’s time for another Ross Perot moment.

Read the full article at The Daily Caller

Photo Credit: Allan warren

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