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Mike Huckabee says Americans Are Mad Because of the Economy

Mike_Huckabee_at_2014_CPAC_(cropped)From The Washington Post,

“One of the reasons why Donald Trump is doing so well is because he’s saying things people believe,” Huckabee said. “People are angry out there, and he’s striking a nerve.”

The big reason they’re angry, he added, are economic. In particular, he said, they’re angry about what he called unfair free trade deals, which allow “cheating” on currency by trade partners (an apparent reference to China) and drain millions of manufacturing jobs from the United States.

“These people are mad at Republicans,” he said, “because they think we helped lose their jobs.”

Huckabee was addressing a dinner meeting of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, a group devoted to the pursuit of supply-side economic policies, and founded by economists Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, conservative commentator Larry Kudlow and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes. 

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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