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Monday items: Benko on growth vs. deficits; Forbes on the IMF; Continetti on Sam’s Clubs Republicans.

From Forbes, Ralph Benko makes a strong case against Kevin Williamson’s growth agnosticism.

On Forbes, Steve Forbes criticizes the IMF and praises Brian Domitrovic’s Econoclasts.

In The Washington Post, Matthew Continetti cites Jude Wanniski’s “Mundell-Laffer Hypothesis” and suggests Sam’s Club Republicans aren’t being served by supply-siders like Tim Pawlenty.

On The Kudlow Report, Larry Kudlow links negative economic data to QE2:

At USA Today, former Sen. Bill Bradley (NJ) makes a good case for growth vs. deficits, arguing for employment subsidies.

On Forbes, Lawrence Hunter proposes questions to ask about any budget deal.

The NY Sun promotes its anthology of gold standard editorials.

At Econlog, Arnold Kling calls Sen. Richard Shelby (AL) a New Keynesian for endorsing inflation targeting.

Bloomberg reports George Soros predicting an exit from the euro for the weaker economies.

At Forbes, John Tamny likes sports recruiting to business and investing.

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