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Monday items: Kadlec urges the House GOP to claim credit for rising employment; Forbes on the dollar and oil; Wesbury doubts inflation is 8%.

From Forbes, Charles Kadlec urges House Republicans to take credit for the improving economy.

The WSJ notes the US debt burden will soar if interest rates rise from their historically low level.

In Forbes, Steve Forbes links oil’s price rise to the dollar’s decline.

On The Kudlow Report, Brian Wesbury debates the claim that everyday prices point to an 8% inflation rate:

On International Liberty, Dan Mitchell applauds Sen. Rand Paul’s (KY) plan to slow federal spending.

At Forbes, Ralph Benko reviews James Rickards’ Currency Wars.

On RCM, Louis Woodhill argues the economy is doing better because monetary and fiscal stimulus have largely stopped.

In The WSJ, Charles Calomiris advocates the Fed should increase its cash reserve requirement to restrain inflation.

From The Independent Institute, Robert Higgs predicts the deficit and monetary splurge of recent years will have long-term consequences.

On Kudlow, our pal Sean Spicer of the RNC argues the President’s policies contribute to high gas prices:

At RCM, Robert Samuelson analyzes Japan’s two lost decades but mostly avoids its soaring exchange rate versus the dollar.

On Slate, Wei Gu and Edward Hadas suggest China’s trade deficit points to a fundamental shift towards consumption in its economy.

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