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Monday items: Lehrman has a plan to transition to gold; Tamny notes gold’s tie to economic results; Kadlec suggests Operation Twist is deflationary.

The NY Sun reports Lew Lehrman will release a plan on October 5th to transition America to a gold standard.

At Forbes, John Tamny notes gold’s price signals a weak or strong economy.

On The Kudlow Report, David Goldman discusses the emerging possibility of a European TARP:

At Forbes, Charles Kadlec suggests the Fed’s Operation Twist flattened the yield curve, worsening the economy’s outlook.

On Asia Times, David Goldman explains the Fed’s Operation Twist does nothing to help the economy’s problems.

In The WSJ, Harold Cole and Lee Ohanian argue productivity improvements and the end of the New Deal, not demand-side stimulus, ended the Great Depression.

On Kudlow, moderate Sen. Susan Collins (ME) advocates a time-out on regulations:


Zerohedge reports the Fed will monitor web commentary critical of its policies.

In The NYT, Paul Krugman suggests some eurozone nations are experiencing low inflation, while others face deflation.

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