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Monday items: McIntosh’s Shadow Super Committee; Tamny and Pethokoukis on Romney; Benko on pro-growth policies.

Rumor Mill: A knowledgeable source reports former-US Rep. (and now candidate) David McIntosh (IN) is chairing a Shadow Super Committee that will release a pro-growth alternative plan focused on capping – not cutting – spending, combined with reforms – including monetary – designed to raise growth to 4%.

In Forbes, John Tamny critiques Mitt Romney’s economic plan.

At The American, James Pethokoukis applauds Romney’s greater focus on growth, entitlement reform, and budget discipline.

In Forbes, Ralph Benko advocates growth with monetary reform.

Bring on the American Economic Miracle! How? One “miracle” was engineered in Germany, in 1948, by Ludwig Erhard; another, in 1958 France, by Jacques Rueff. The miraculous growth of the Reagan era (continuing through and ending with the Clinton administration) was founded in part on strengthening, rather than rubbishing, the dollar.

At NRO, Larry Kudlow notes weak job growth.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports from inside the congressional Super Committee.

Also in The WSJ, Moore worries Speaker Boehner will open the door to higher taxes.

On The Kudlow Report, Moore debates the Super Committee:

On Fox News, Art Laffer argues a flat tax would give us China-style growth rates.

At Forbes, Peter Ferrara advocates raising worker wages by removing barriers to production.

In The WSJ, George Melloan notes Japan’s support for an Asia free-trade zone.

On Kudlow, Davids Malpass and Goldman discuss Europe:

In The NYT, Catherine Rampell notes the relative wealth of America’s poor versus the rich in other nations.

From The Heritage Insider, Alex Adrianson explains the shifting demographics of the wealthy.

In The FT, Edward Chancellor discusses Europe’s Mundellian trilemma.

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