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Monday items: Tamny advises the GOP to advocate sound money; Moore, Kudlow and Forbes on Perry’s tax plan; Lewis on downsizing banks.

From Forbes, John Tamny suggests President Obama can’t win if Republicans advocate sound money.

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore reports details of the Perry flat tax plan.

On NRO, Larry Kudlow argues the Dow likes the GOP tax debate.

In The NY Post, Steve Forbes praises Rick Perry’s flat tax.

On The WSJ site, James Taranto discusses Mitt Romney’s “guilty Republican syndrome”:


At New World Economics, Nathan Lewis reports from Utah’s monetary conference earlier this month.

On NWE, Lewis advocates a radical downsizing of US banks.

At RCM, Joe Calhoun challenges Matthew Yglesias’ claim that malinvestment doesn’t harm the economy.

In The WSJ, Paul Moreno argues the President’s blame-business strategy follows FDR’s 1937 example.

At AEI, Alan Reynolds discusses income trends over the last three decades:


In The Nation, Ari Berman explains how the “austerity class” dominates Washington.

The Washington Post, liberal EJ Dionne argues Republican tax proposals would raise taxes on the poor.

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