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Monday items: The NY Sun and Weekly Standard applaud Gingrich’s Gold Commission; Levin on Reagan’s supply-side record; Grant on the 1920-21 recession.

The WSJ notes Newt Gingrich’s rise, compliments his citation of Ron Paul’s hard money mantra, and urges Mitt Romney to take a bolder tax reform stance.

The NY Sun applauds Gingrich’s naming Lewis Lehrman and James Grant to his Gold Commission.

In The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol praises the Gold Commission.

On The WSJ, Kim Strassell discusses Romney’s tax return and Gingrich’s Freddie Mac contract:

In The WSJ, Stephen Moore notes voter enthusiasm for Gingrich.

The Right Scoop cites radio host Mark Levin challenging Gingrich on the creation of supply-side economics. Levin says, incorrectly, that Reagan ran on supply-side economics in 1974. In fact, according to Bob Novak’s memoir, The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington, Reagan was converted to supply-side economics (tight money, marginal tax rate cuts) at a private meeting with Jack Kemp in early 1979.

At RCM, John Tamny notes the stock market’s weakness versus gold.

In The Washington Post, James Grant examines the economy’s quick recovery, despite government austerity, from the recession of 1920-21.

In The NYT, Romney advisor Greg Mankiw offers four principles for tax reform.

At Globe Asia, Steve Hanke proposes a non-military solution to disputed territory.

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